• Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. A large number of countries around the world were represented in this contest and an incredible diversity in music was shown. You can still check the songs that took part in the 103 editions by accessing the Database.

USA didn't let us down

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The United States has been declared the winner of the 99th edition hosted in Australia. Thirty-three acts have been performed on the stage of Perth, but in the end it was the song "Don't let me down" that scored the most - 129 points.

Grace Martine Tandon, professionally known as Daya is a singer, songwriter and actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In February 2016, she featured on The Chainsmokers' song "Don't Let Me Down", which eventually peaked at number 3 on the Hot 100, becoming her second top 40 entry and her first top 10. 

Months later, Daya decided to perform the song, along The Chainsmokers in Veritons Song Contest, thus bringing the 10th victory for the United States.

With just few missing points, the runner-up of this edition is Spain, that made an extraordinary comeback. Xriz and McDavo's hot collaboration called "Si no estas" collected 110 points. Xriz began collaborating with other artists as CHK and Young Killer from his youtube channel "cristian69s" which was widely popular on the Internet.

Top 3 was completed by another latin country, the United States' southern neighbour, Mexico,  that thinks "Boys will be boys".  Paulina Rubio's performance was largely acclaimed and she received 101 points.

The Centennial Edition of Veritons Song Contest will be hosted by one of the American television networks. As we speak, they are holding a bid to decide who will host it. One thing's for sure, we will travel to the United States and it's gonna be yuuuuge.


Date: 28 Oct 2016
Congratulations us !!! :D
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