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  • Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. Following the site crash in December 2016, the contest's Admins decided to not continue this project due to lack of time and other reasons.

Switzerland wins Veritons Song Contest 75!

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Aberdeen hosted one of the most intense editions in the history of the contest. There were plenty of entries who fought for the trophy, but in the end it was Switzerland, our first host-country ever who didn't even win to host, that won. Also with a fresh juror, Denisa!

Switzerland debuted in VSC12 with the entry "Musica" performed by Paolo Meneguzzi. Their first interaction with the contest was in VSC1, though, when Zurich was chosen as the host-city for the first edition ever. Until now, their best result was 2nd place in VSC23, when "J'avais rendez-vous" by Carrousel received 108 points on the stage of Copenhagen.

Even though she just debuted with Switzerland this edition, Denisa isn't a new face in VSC. She debuted in the very first edition with Turkey, later she took Portugal for a while and few editions ago she won alongside with Andrew in United States.

Top 3 was completed by Moldova with "O mie" performed by Aliona Moon and Mongolia, with "Moments" by Henza ft Michaela & Narangerel.

According to the swiss broadcaster, VSC76 will start tomorrow. See you in Switzi!


Date: 14 Oct 2015
Congratulations dear ch h3
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