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  • Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. Following the site crash in December 2016, the contest's Admins decided to not continue this project due to lack of time and other reasons.

Romania wins Veritons Song Contests 70!

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Mike, the 6th juror of Romania - after Herm, Fratello, Tigerman, OmaBlake and Rose, has done something nobody before managed to do. A VSC trophy is now held by Romania, after Smiley won on the finnish stage of 70th edition with the song "Acasă". The entry scored 160 points, jumping direcly in top 20 best winners - according to their winning score.

Romania is one of the 16 'original' countries that participated in VSC1. Every juror had their own vision of how this country should be present in the contest and, overall, some views failed hard (especially rap version of Romania in the time when Fratello was its juror).

The 70th edition's top 3 was completed by Australia, who returned to the contest under a new juror - Gera, and France, under juror Vlad. They scored 118 and 112, respectively. We also have to take note of Germany's nil points. After Austria, this central european country is following their ESC 2015 tradition and fails to impress the juries at all.

The song "Acasa" also took part in the Special Edition 03, when romanian music was celebrated in Bucharest and big names of romanian music industry were present. There, Smiley only received 12th place, being a really tough competition. Now, on the international stage, the situation was completely different.

However, two countries failed to broadcast the results and to sent their votes in time, due to problems with satellites. None of them had problems in the recent past, so they can take part in Cluj-Napoca 71 just fine. Sadly, their good results are nullified.

See y'all in Romania!
PS: Bring your good mood because you will drink, eat and dance a lot! :)


Date: 20 Jul 2015
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Date: 19 Jul 2015
Yay! Wonderful! Welcome ! <3
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