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  • Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. Following the site crash in December 2016, the contest's Admins decided to not continue this project due to lack of time and other reasons.


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The 73th edition of Veritons Song Contest is marked by a rare event.Romania won the 72th and 73th edition of VSC and joins USA and France , the countries that managed to win twice in a row.The winners, Paula Seling & Ovi are victorious with their ESC entry after a tough edition and they now hold the trophy in front of the happy crowd.

The show from Constanta was wonderful and it was a good oportunity for the romanians to host another edition of Veritons Song Contest.Romania is now also in a complete party after they won again, scoring 177 points, that positions them into the Top 15 Winners of all time. On 2nd place we have Iran, the newcomer with 169 points.And on the 3rd place we have one of the odds' favourites, Australia that scores 157 points.

However, two countries(Turkey & Bosnia) failed to broadcast the results and to sent their votes in time, due to problems with satellites. None of them had problems in the recent past, so they can take part in Sibiu '74 just fine. Happily, Turkey's good results won't be nullified as their votes were sent, but too late,the winner and the Top 3 wouldn't change with Turkey's votes.

See you next edition in Sibiu ! :)


Date: 05 Sep 2015
Thanks! :)
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Date: 05 Sep 2015
Congrats :))
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