• Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. A large number of countries around the world were represented in this contest and an incredible diversity in music was shown. You can still check the songs that took part in the 103 editions by accessing the Database.

New year, new winning country. Pregomesh.

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Ever since "Pregomesh" was released in December 2012, the song was expected to enter the contest sooner or later. To everyone's surprise, Pregomesh proved to be a timeless entry and can win even after 3 years and the constant hype that it get. It won Veritons Song Contest 81 with 148 points.

Pregomesh was Sirusho's second try in Veritons Song Contest after she tried to conquer the top in VSC34 along with "mister nil points" Sakis Rouvas. Their song, called "See", received only 58 points and it placed 15th. Times have changed and so did jurors. In the 4th year of running of this contest we are starting with a classic 'winning recipe song' that has won several contests or it placed extremely close to the winning title.

Siranush Harutyunyan, better known as Sirusho began her music career singing live in Canada, in the Armenian diaspora music scene.She was awarded The Future of Armenian Music, Best Album and Best Female Performer awards in the first Armenian National Music Awards. In 2008, the BBC described her success as making her a "national treasure" in Armenia, and its news service has gone on to report that she is popular in both Armenia and the Armenian diaspora.

Sirusho reached international recognition after becoming the Armenian spokesperson for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest and the Armenian representative for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest held in Belgrade.

The runner-up of Veritons Song Contest 81 was, to everyone's surprise, India, who received a lot of success lately. Following Deewani Mastani's success, "Dhoom Machale Dhoom" received 119 points. It is said that Katrina, the main singer, will receive a special award from Her Majesty Nora Abu'l Fath Sultan of Hinduš و Türkiye, who assumed the role of Indian Head of Delegation.

Top 3 was completed by  Croatia. Pamela Ramljak's Ispod kože received 109 points. This is by far her best result in VSC, after she received 26th and 5th place in VSC53 and VSC58 respectively. Interestingly, Croatia had mediocre results ever since her 5th place in Verona 58.

Public Television of Armenia is already inviting us all in the beautiful Yerevan to remember the past, as this country can never escape it. See you there!



Date: 08 Jan 2016
Congraaats h3
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Date: 08 Jan 2016
Felicitari Armenia :*
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Date: 07 Jan 2016
Armenia welcomes you h4
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Date: 07 Jan 2016
well it wasn't Katrina tho XD But She won't be exiled from my Sultanate, yes! And what a Title for me <3
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