Veritons Song Contest (2012-2017)
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Jamaica wins Veritons Song Contest 92

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Tonight, the 92nd edition of Veritons Song Contest was held. 36 countries competed and in the end the televoters and the juries decided that Willy William representing Jamaica is the winner with the song Ego with 175 points. 

Willy William is a French-Jamaican DJ, music producer and singer songwriter and artist famous for his club remixes and vocal collaborations with a number of dance music artists. He came to prominence in 2003 with his work with DJ Flex in the dancefloor hit B Boyz Shake da Body and in 2004 as producer of Tragedie using the pseudonym 'Lord William'.

The runner-up of this edition was extremely close to victory. France returns to top 3 with none other than Kendji, double winner of the hexagon. No Me Mirès Màs scores 174 points, 
surpassing Conmigo that scored 133 points, Me Quemo that collected only 89 points, but is behind Color Gitano that had 175 points and Andalouse, who's 199 points is still one of the highest scores in the contest. Kendji is a veteran of this contest and there is no need for an introduction.

And finally, top 3 was completed by Germany, with a fantastic return of the band Cascada, this time with a song called Summer Of Love that scored 166 points. Last time when Cascada participated it was in VSC69, when Pyromania placed 4th with 112 points. Their first appeareance was in VSC10, though, with the song Evacuate the dance floor, that wasn't a really big success - 10th place and 74 pts.

Jamaica has already started to prepare its capital - Kingston - for the next edition, claims Prime Minister Andrew Holness. The priority of this government is to grow the economy and create meaningful jobs, in so doing, we will more rapidly and sustainably reduce debt, he also adds.


Date: 03 Jul 2016
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