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France flies to the top once again

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"Envole-moi" marks the seventh victory for France after "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" (VSC14), "Derniere Danse" (VSC38), "Listen" (VSC48), "Can't fight this feeling" (VSC63), "Andalouse" (VSC65), "Conmigo" (VSC66). 

Interesting to note, France is probably the only country that has a considerable number of winnings coming from different jurors (Sahistul, Mike, Trece and now Serby).

"Envole-moi" is a French language song written, composed and sung by French artist Jean-Jacques Goldman taken from his 1984 album Positif. The single sold over half a million copies and was certified gold. Goldman explained that the song is a "cry for help" by a young man. In 2012, "Envole-moi" became the main release from the Génération Goldman project in which well-known French artists interpret Jean-Jacques Goldman songs. It was pre-released by the project in October 2012 in preparation of a major launch of the compilation album on 19 November 2012. 

The two winning artists, Tal and M. Pokora aren't strangers to the VSC stage. Tal tried twice before to conquer the VSC trophy back in VSC06 with the song "On avance" that scored only 70 points and 6th place and in VSC71 with the song "Marcher au Soleil" that has been placed a little better than the previous attempt, 5th place with 116 points.
Matt Pokora tried his chance too, back in VSC31 when Poland debuted with the song "En Attendant La Fin" that got the 12 place. 

The top 3 was completed by Canada and Italy, two big favourites for the trophy in this edition. Drake's "Hotline Bling" scored 143 points and Italy tried their chance with a new juror and Christina Perri's hit "Human", which scored 139 points.

France confirmed that they will host. They promised a lot of champagne!


Date: 10 Feb 2016
well done Serby ;)
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Date: 07 Feb 2016
Сhampagne one love
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Date: 07 Feb 2016
Merci h4
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