• Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. A large number of countries around the world were represented in this contest and an incredible diversity in music was shown. You can still check the songs that took part in the 103 editions by accessing the Database.

Finland wins VSC Special Edition 06

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Suggested by Andrew, the theme of Veritons Song Contest Special Edition 06 was Redemption for songs, a second chance given to every single one of the 22 songs. Unlike VSC37, where she got only 4th place, Saara Aalto is now the winner of Special Edition with 113 points. On second place we have Israel, the song "You" being much more appreciated now than in VSC26, where it got 13th place. Top 3 is completed by the United States, with "Awake and Alive" performed by Skillet. Their performance in VSC19 got 5th place and now they've gone a little more up.

The country on 4th place got the same result as first time, in VSC57. Some countries didn't had too much luck. For example, Japan got 12th place in VSC02, yet in this special edition their song didn't impress too many juries and they have received 21st place. Another case of same result as in normal edition is Australia, who got again 7th place.

I hope you enjoyed this little edition and see you next time, with yet another theme, this time hosted in Finland :)


Date: 31 May 2015
Congrats Ank!
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