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  • Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. Following the site crash in December 2016, the contest's Admins decided to not continue this project due to lack of time and other reasons.

Evanescence is our victor once again!

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The edition in little Kosovo has ended with another win for the band Evanescence, marking the 9th victory of the United States.

Prishtina put alot of effort in creating a wonderful show, that has been created with the help of Bulgarian designers. The results show was presented by the Prime Minister himself. Mr. Mustafa commented that "Vlad made us very proud and he will be considered a Kosovar Hero from now on".

The host-entry performed by Dua Lipa, a british-albanian singer that lived in Kosovo briefly for two years, received 164 points and 2nd place after Evanescene's "Lithium". The Kosovar entry "Be The One" was released in October 2015 and has achieved chart success throughout Europe.

Top 3 was completed by the rising Eurovision star Poli Genova, who received 161 points. The song, written by Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Joacim Bo Persson, and Poli Genova, will represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Sultana has awarded Poli the highest honours but also ordered 100 lashes for losing in face of Evanescence and Dua Lipa.

A zombie apocalypse has started in the United States, though. Prepare your survival kit, we are going to survive this thing! See y'all in Atlanta folks. Pack your thangs carefully!


Date: 16 Apr 2016
Bravo US!
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