• Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. A large number of countries around the world were represented in this contest and an incredible diversity in music was shown. You can still check the songs that took part in the 103 editions by accessing the Database.
"Choose Happiness"
Venue Stadion Lapad
Host broadcaster Hrvatska radiotelevizija 
Country Artist Song Juror Place Pct
 Croatia (host) Petra Kovacevic Buka, galama Corinne5 13 74
 Ireland Kygo ft. Kodaline Raging Gera 3 149
 Romania Inna Yalla Sultana 4 132
 Kosovo Dua Lipa Hotter than fire Vlad 5 121
 Spain India Martinez ft. David Bisbal Olvide Respirar Griffi 15 52
 United Kingdom Duke Dumont Ocean Drive Semy 7 97
 Russia Zedd, Kesha True Colors Felicia 10 90
 Sweden Måns Zelmerlöw  Fire In the Rain Adel97 8 96
 South Africa Nikki Williams Kill,Fuck,Marry Mike 2 156
 Latvia Tobu Colors nubhiz7502 33 2
 Albania Elhaida Dani I'm alive Leydan95 1 168
 Moldova Max Vangeli feat. Conner Foley Stay Out Aatrox 17 45
 Ukraine Jamala It's Me, Jamala bry3cr0eko 23 25
 Slovenia ManuElla Blue and Red  Sahistul 32 5
 Nigeria Skepta Shutdown Flo 28 15
 Japan FAKY Candy Klomorax 34 0
 Poland Sylwia Grzeszczak Tamta dziewczyna Isis 26 19
 Italy Elisa Love Me Forever Serby1 22 27
 Germany Safiya One Blood (Qui coule dans mes veines) Helen 29 13
 Israel Tzlil Oh My Love Svetlana 18 39
 Norway Ina Wroldsen Aliens (her er jeg) OmaBlake 24 22
 Bulgaria Mihaela Marinova  Stapka napred Iuli98 16 45
 France David Guetta ft. Zara Larsson This One's For You Denisa 6 102
 Brazil Luan Santana Taste the feeling (Coca-Cola) Marinna 14 69
 Finland SINI YASEMIN Kavereita Petrica 31 6
 Canada Eva Shaw U (Feat. Mally Mall & Sonny Wilson) Lorena 21 29
 Lithuania Catrinah Be Free Vera-JJ 19 34
 Barbados Livvi Franc Automatik Louise 27 17
 New Zealand MAALA Kind Of Love Spencer 20 30
 Denmark Final Song Ewald 9 93
 Netherlands Eefje de Visser Scheef Kekya 30 9
 Greece Helena Paparizou Misi Kardia Gisselm 12 82
 Belgium Alex Germys All Along ft. KLil Lyngton 25 20
 United States B.o.B  Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams Andrew 11 89

Other countries

 Afghanistan – The country withdrew from the contest because of the weak results from the previous editions.
 Algeria – Télédiffusion d'Algérie have stated they have no interested in returning to the contest, especially since Israel is taking part
 Angola – Televisão Pública de Angola have stated they are not planning to come back after President José Eduardo dos Santos banned any form of entertainment in form of contest.
 Argentina – The country withdraw stating bad results as a reason.
 Armenia – AMPTV states that the official armenian head of delegation has resigned after a flag conflict. They are also extremely angry about last place in the previous edition.
 Australia – On May 22, 2015 Australia officially confirmed that they will take an one edition break.
 Austria – On May 23, 2015 the country showed no interest in returning this edition. A comeback is possible in the Veritons Song Contest 91.
 Azerbaijan – On May 23, 2015 the country announced that will not come back too soon, stating as reason, no interesed artists.
 Belarus – BTRC explained on 12 April 2016 that Belarus's absence from the contest since VSC59 is due to the "cost involved in participation". They prefer to spend those funds on Lukashenko statues instead.
 Bosnia & Herzegovina - On May 21, 2016 BHRT (Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina) announced that they are not planning to return to the contest due to lack of money and interest.
 China - The country announced at first that they will return, but withdrew in the last moment.
 Colombia - On March 15, 2016 the HoD announced that the country would not be participating in the contest because of financial reasons and because the 2016 Olympic Games is coming soon and everybody and their mother is financing the glorious colombian athletes to prevail in Brazil.
 Cuba - Cuba confirmed that they won't be present in the competition, due to their political conflicts with the United States.
 Cyprus - The country has not stated yet a decision if they are returning in the contest.
 Czech Republic - The country announced that they don't want to return to the contest.
 Ecuador - The country's contract with Christina Aguilera has expired so they have no artists left to send.
 Egypt - The broadcaster is now looking for a new Head of Delegation and is forced to skip yet another edition for not having a permanent HoD.
 Estonia - Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR) applauds the return of Lithuania and Latvia and states that they want to complete the baltic trio once again, but they can't right now. 
 Ethiopia - The country is still suffering for their previous participations and since the economy is in shambles, there is no place for another participation.
 Georgia - On April 29, 2016  Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) stated that their permanent HoD was kidnapped by anime characters and they did not convince their president to name another head of delegation.
 Hungary - After some editions of not competing, the central european country announced that they are returning to the contest.
 India - The country is still regretting winning the contest because it caught the attention of the Opressor Sultana of Many Countries that successfully took the Indian Throne via a coup d'etat. Now they are free and they are afraid to risk a good result and return to the days of opression.
 Indonesia - On May 23, 2016 Televisi Republik Indonesia (TVRI), the national television of Indonesia, announced that the country will not be in the 90th edition, due to lack of interest.
 Iran - Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei announced that the country is still sad for not winning the 73rd edition of Veritons Song Contest and they are not taking part as long as Romania is.
 Iraq - The country confirmed that they won't be present in the competition, due to their internal political conflicts.
 Jamaica - Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ) states that there is no interest for Jamaica to return to the contest anytime soon.
 Kazakhstan - The country announced that they are not planning to return to the contest. Although they almost returned last edition in Russia, they withdrew in the last minute.
 Lebanon - Lebanon confirmed that they won't return in the competition, due to their political conflicts with Israel.
 Luxembourg - RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg (RTL) announced on 21 May 2016 that Luxembourg would not participate in the contest, due to the financial and organisational strain of a potential participation on the channel, especially with a small financial budget.
 Malaysia - The RTM TV1 announced that despite speculation surrounding their participation, they had yet to make a final decision.
 Malta - Since they are hosting the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, there are no funds for VSC.
 Mexico - The country thought top 3 results are rewarded with money. Since they are not, their interest is zero.
 Mongolia - The country doesn't know why they withdrew but they are not planning to come back anyway.
 Morocco - The country had to withdraw due to the new rule.
 New Zealand - Sky Network Television Limited declared that their participation in the 90th edition of Veritons Song Contest is uncertain. They also stated that it has nothing to do with Australia. NOTHING.
 North Korea - Since their last participation, they've stolen the format of the show and they are hosting a fake one every time the real show is broadcasted. Of course, they are winning every single edition so all contests are to be held in glorious Pyongyang.
 Philippines - Financial difficulties ruled the country out of the 90th contest.
 Portugal - After hosting a ginormous show in Lisbon for the 85th edition of Veritons Song Contest, Portugal has to withdraw due to lack of economy.
 Puerto Rico - The country is not satisfied with the number of Latin American countries in the contest. No party-style enough for the Puertoricans.
 San Marino -  The country has not stated yet a decision if they are returning in the contest. Unconfirmed rumours are saying that San Marino is banned to participate after sending Serhat in Eurovision.
 Slovakia -  The lack of a permanent head of delegation makes the country unable to take part.
 South Korea -  To their shock, k-pop is not so popular with the VSC juries. According to the South Korean Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, "South Korea will return when other countries will learn what real music is like".
 Switzerland -  Another country that suffers from the lack of a permanent Head of Delegation. Since their former HoD has resigned long ago and she is now in France, there is no chance for Switzerland to take part in the 90th edition.
 Taiwan  -  The country announced that they are not planning to return to the contest due to lack of money and interest.
 Trinidad-Tobago - No, they are not returning.
 Turkey - Since Opressor Sultana of Many Countries has abandoned Turkey (for now), they don't want to take part anytime soon.
 Turkmenistan - President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow hates the contest now after his favourite singer Myahri didn't win.
 UAE - The country doesn't even know why they bother to take part in the first place.
 Uzbekistan - On May 11, 2016 it was announced that Uzbekistan won't participate in the upcoming edition, due to lack of interest.
 Venezuela - Since people are starving in this country, there is no place for song contests. 
 Vietnam - On February 15, 2016 it was announced that Vietnam won't be taking part anymore, because of their bad results and the lack of a permanent HoD.



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