• Veritons Song Contest was an online contest which took place between 2012 and 2017. A large number of countries around the world were represented in this contest and an incredible diversity in music was shown. You can still check the songs that took part in the 103 editions by accessing the Database.


Nota bene: For some particular situations, that do not aim at the rules, or do not fully comprise the rules, the Administrators' decisions are final and irrevocable, of course, with a proper motivation.

Joining and Participating Countries

1. Any registered member of the forum can join the contest.

2. To join, you have to submit an application in the appropriate forum topic, found in the section "Discutii Generale” (General Topics). You can also press the "Join” button from the top bar.

3. You can choose any independent country. Regions and dependent territories, as well as defunct countries (for example, Yugoslavia) are not eligible.

4. You are the jury of your own country. You are the only one who can choose the song/votes sent by your country.

5. With mutual desire from 2 users, they can collaborate, forming a 2-person jury. The same goes for 3, 4 or more users who want the same country.


Changing the country



1. Changing your country is not essential. You can remain the juror of a country for an indefinite time.

2. In order to switch to another country, the following conditions should be fulfilled:

You must have participated for at least 3 editions with your current country.

You must have voted in the last 2 editions.

3. If the conditions from point 2 are fulfilled, you can change your country by posting a request in the appropriate topic ("Schimbarea tarii” - "Changing country”, from the section "Discutii Generale” ("General Topics”). More details shall be found in the topic.

4. We assume the responsibility of checking the conditions, meaning that your response will come in less than 24 hours.





1. There is no year limit. Meaning, the participating songs can be from any year.

2. Rules regarding the performing artist:

The artist must be a citizen of your country or his parents must detain citizenship of your country.

In the case of duets, only one of the performers must fulfill the conditions above

Same goes for bands and featurings

Covers and instrumentals are also admitted, as long as the artist (of the cover) or the composer (of the instrumental song) fulfills the conditions from the first bullet

Remixes are also admitted, as long as either the artist is from your country, either the author of the remix (if it’s possible to find out)

3. Songs can be made public, but we recommend you not to reveal them until after the show has been posted.

4. Every country must send its song before the deadline, which differs for every edition.

5. You can also send a back-up entry, just in case the first one doesn’t follow all the rules. We have the right to reject songs if they do not fulfill the requirements.

6. Once the show has been posted, the songs cannot be changed.


National Finals



1. In Eurovision Song Contest, countries have two different ways of choosing an entry. One of those is internal selection (the song chosen directly by the public television of the country). In our case, internal selection means the direct decision of the juror and all the rules from the last section are applied. The second method is a more complex one, also involving activity from the community. 

National Finals represent a selection of a finite number of songs presented to the audience (the VSC members) for which they can vote.

2. The voting system is entirely up the organizer. It is not necessary to use the official voting system of the contest.

3. The results of a National Final can be attached to the PM containing the entry; however this is not entirely necessary. (There can be situations where a country’s juror doesn’t regard the NF result and chooses a different song).

4. National Finals should end before the Song Submission deadline and may only begin after the same Submission started.

5. People who aren’t participants of VSC may also cast their votes in a National Final. This decision is entirely up to the organizer.


Semifinals NEW
  1. During each edition (starting with VSC40) every participant, except for the host country, will be divided into two semifinals.
  2. Semifinals are only used in the editions with 40+ participants.
  3. Each semifinal has an almost equal number of contestants.
  4. You must vote only in the semifinal you belong in. If, however, you want to vote in the other semifinal too, your votes will be added to those of the other members who aren't part of that semifinal and together will form a result which will lead to the qualification of the song with the most points in this voting. This type of voting is called REJU (Rest of the Jury).
  5. From each semifinal 10 countries will normally qualify and one country will qualify from REJU.
  6. The host country will vote in one of the two semifinals, this being decided through random.org.
  7. The resulta of the semifinals will be anounced, just like the final results, through an exceptional show.
  8. For other questions or details regarding the semifinal system please contact one of the admins (Gera, Ank)
  9. The minimum necessary for a REJU Qualifier is 40% of no. of voters.




1. An edition lasts for about two weeks (depending on the availability of the organizers) and looks like this:

Week 1: Song Submission

The posting of the show & Live Listening

Week 2: Casting the votes

Results Show

2. You are the juror of your own country. You cannot give your country any votes.

3. Only the participating countries can vote.

4. Votes can be sent only by PM (Private Message – on the site’s messaging system). Before you vote, we advise you to read at the bottom of the Show Presentation page, on the Forum, to whom you must send your votes.

5. The official voting system is the same as in Eurovision Song Contest: 12 points for the best song, 10 for the second best, 8 for the third, the system continuing up to 1 point (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1). The points offered are unique. This means you cannot give more than one country 7 points, for example.

6. As for the voting, the same as for submitting your entry, there is a deadline. If you do not submit your votes by that deadline, the organizers will cancel that country’s result, moving it to the bottom of the ranking. However, if the votes haven’t been sent because of objective reasons (health problems or any other problems that made impossible the submission of the votes) the country will not receive any kind of penalty, as long as those reasons have been specified through a PM to Ank in due time.





1. After the Votes’ casting deadline, the organizers of that edition will gather all the votes, process them and present the results during a show. The Results Show marks the ending of the edition.

2. The country with the most points wins the edition. In case of a tie, the country that has been voted by the biggest number of juries wins. If the number of voting juries is equal, then the number of 12 (then 10/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1) shall be the criteria.





1. The winner of the current edition can organize the next edition, with or without the help of Moderators and Administrators. Organizing consists of:

Realizing the official design of the edition (logo, motto, theme)

Choosing the official calendar of the edition

Gathering the songs during the Submission week

Realizing the banners for the song presentation show

Gathering the votes during the Vote week

Making the scoreboards for the Results Show

Presenting the results during the Results Show and announcing the winner

2. The host country is also a participant. In case of a Special Edition, its winner will host the next edition.

3. The winner of the past edition does not have to organize the next one. By default, the organizers are Ank and the moderators.

4.If the representant of the winning country gives up participating in the contest or changes the country he represents, the role of the host country will be taken by the country on the second place. If the second also refuses/the representant is changed, the role will be taken by the country on the third place etc.However, the country on the first place does not lose the status of winning country. 


Special Editions



1. Some of the VSC editions have a special theme, chosen by the organizers of the contest, and every country wishing to participate in that edition must conform. (as an example, edition no.7 of VSC was the first special edition in the history of the contest, having as a theme "live performance”, by which all the participating entries had to be performed live.

2. The rest of the rules fully apply to these editions.

3. Special editions are counted separately (ex. VSC Special Edition 01)

4. Special editions can take place during the same time as a regular edition.


Inactivity in the contest



1. The country that does not send an entry for 3 consecutive editions will be eliminated from the list of competing countries, and will be eligible again for submission. If the old juror of the country comes back in time and the country hasn’t been taken, he may take it again. If it has been taken, he can choose another country.
2. On request, a participant can take a break and will not lose his country. This is made by informing the host / moderators or administrators. The break cannot be longer than one month.





1. The persons that violate the fundamental rules of the contest will receive sanctions depending on the gravity of the situation.

2. The jurors who forget to vote frequently will suffer starting with VSC39, as following:

1st  sanction = the person forgets to vote once => sanction: a warning

2nd sanction = the person forgets to vote twice => sanction: participating is forbidden for one edition

3rd sanction = the person forgets to vote three times =>sanction: participating is forbidden for 3 editions

4th and last sanction = the person forgets to vote four or more times => sanction: participating is forbidden for 10 or more editions

3. From VSC39, not voting will be considered the same as not participating in the current edition.

4. Sanctions accumulate and expire after 10 editions.


Rules may change, so we recommend you visit this page more often.




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